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Why should you believe in my vidizi review, well I am a marketing specialist and I do marketing for local businesses in my area (Melbourne) including SEO (Ranking websites on page 1 on google), so I am always looking for tools that can help me be even better than my competition to make my clients happy and make them money. Get ready for my professional review.

Enough said, let's get into it:

What is Vidizi? Let's start from the beginning

Vidizi Review

Vidizi is a cloud based app software based on the idea and concept of video advertising in social media (paid adverts) that is fully customizable.

In short, it is a video app platform that you can use to promote your product or service that increases engagement and conversions.

The creator Jimmy Kim created this app because he wanted to experiment the number one TIP from Facebook when doing videos: Do videos that are no longer than 15 seconds for maximum engagement.

So he created Vidizi, an app that helps to create engaging videos where you can have a ton of options for your customization.

When running the experiment he increased the ROI of this ad for x18, spending 0.02 per video view, $28,681.05 and generating $52,970.15.

When I saw this, I wanted to see it working. So i did, the app works wonders, it has a lot of features that you can use to increase your video quality, text and it also accepts the upload from Youtube (yes, from Youtube) this means that you can upload videos from the second biggest search engine in the world. I seriously was stunned by this!

Why Vidizi?  

We all know that the future of advertising is going to be focused in video, look at majority of the big brands, they are getting so many conversions from video (such 15 seconds Youtube Ads that maybe you think they don’t work as you always are waiting for the skip button to appear, but this companies have different data and are banking! MAZDA, COCA-COLA, OREOS, list goes on).

Vidizi Review

Vidizi will get your video creation super easy.

I love the fact that this app is cloud based, so I don’t have to install anything, I just simply download the video and customize it inside of the app.

It is super simple to use plus another feature that I love is the fact that the app has included a ton of free stock images and free royalty music… what!! ?? Yeah, I know.

This makes the video creation job fast and with high quality so you can start promoting your business (product or service) right away.

Is Vidizi for you?

So far you are getting the idea on this Vidizi Review that I am actually loving this app, but would it work for you? And would you love it too?

You will love Vidizi:

  • If you are a person that is looking to save time when doing video creation
  • If you are not a computer savvy
  • If you don’t know anything about video creation
  • If you want to increase your engagement in your ads to more sales
  • If you can’t be bothered do a lot of research for pictures and videos and music

You will not like Vidizi:

  • If you are absolutely a video hater
  • If you don’t want to increase engagement in your ads
  • If you can’t have access to the internet

Vidizi Review

Honestly, this is an app that is a must try and a must have.

It is simple, easy to use and the videos that are in the stock library are taken from marketing video experts (something that we all like to leverage from).

So in short, Vidizi video app features are the following:

  • Cloud based
  • Youtube video upload
  • Free Stock Images
  • Free Stock marketing videos (made by video marketing professionals)
  • Free Royalty Music
  • Fully customizable platform
  • Text On Video
  • Slide Graphic show with tex
  • All tools such opacity and colors

Now, this is not it I found out that Vidizi has also more to offer

If you want to get more out of Vidizi, which I totally suggest, to make your videos much more professionals, VIDIZI has a PRO Version that offers 400 Exclusive Customer Marketing Videos and 100 Royalty Free Music Pack on top of the standard package.

VIDIZI PRO if is for you?

VIDIZI PRO I recommend this Package to people that are looking to be even more serious in the advertising game, If you are truly wanting to get Marketing videos that are customizable so you can get greater conversion than your competition, the don’t hesitate, go for the PRO Version.

VIDIZI Facebook Video Mastery

This is a different package, that I would recommend to people that are actually having trouble to understand how video works on Facebook. So VIDIZI Facebook Video Mastery is for:

  • Learn how to make video conversion on Facebook
  • Jimmy teaching Step By Step how he Turned $2500 ad spend to $52,000 in sales

If you are marketer that wants insights on how to convert much more efficiently, then you should also give this package a try.

All in all, I totally recommend you to try VIDIZI, any package, but just try it, it is worth your time and money.

There are a ton of apps that offer similar things but there isn’t something out there yet with the same features to Vidizi.

VIDIZI pricing

Pricing is very affordable. We all love the cheap-good-valuable packages. You can buy the packages below for the following prices and you will be getting bonus material as well, these material is on me though, as I believe that you can get a full package for the software and knowledge on how to use it in various platforms:


Vidizi Review       Vidizi Review       Vidizi Review


Learn how to make use of Facebook Ads as an incredibly powerful tool for building an audience and gaining customers online. This includes ebooks and Videos worth $750

Learn why YouTube stardom is a perfect way to make it big & how you can practically guarantee your success on this platform. I'm including ebooks and videos as well. Worth $449

So get your Vidizi worth say $47 here and I will through $1199 worth of bonuses.

Vidizi combo Vidizi combo

Vidizi combo Vidizi combo

Ok, I hope you have a ton of success and take advantage of these.

Talk to you soon.