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Social Media Management

  • Extend your company’s reach, market awareness, and influence
  • Enhance customer service and loyalty
  • Monitor and manage your brand reputation online
  • Establish industry expertise and authority in your niche
  • Read and react to industry news, announcements and audience needs in real time
  • Build and strengthen online relationships
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Digital Marketing

  • The way of being in front of your competition is by being smart in how you target your clients and invest in advertisement
  • Social Media Marketing in conjunction with Facebook Ads
  • Google ads – Adwords PPC

Website management

  • Serach Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Restructure your website for best conversions to sales
  • Build a website that works
  • Optimize your website
  • Rank website to be the first on google search engine
  • Deliver best value through your website using marketing tools

Email Marketing

  • Emails are still the best way of marketing, 66% of the population have purchased a product/service as a result of email marketing.
  • Build your email list, is essential to your inbound
  • Know your potential clients
  • Stay in contact with your with your potential clients.
  • Safe time when launching a product or a service
  • Let clients know for upcoming events/promotions/specials

Creative Content

  • Professional Photography/Video
  • Music Production
  • Blogging
  • Copyrighting

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