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I’m going to start without further words to say, I am sure you are here because you want your business website to rank numero uno on google.

You will find three steps that you will be required to do.

They are excellent strategies that leave the rest of your competition way behind.

The key to rank in the front page of google are these steps plus consistency. You are in business for the long run, otherwise you can try and win the lottery or win against the casino with 1% chance of winning rate (not a smart move).

Ok, enough said



What are backlinks? These are hyperlinks that will connect one website to other or others. (Simple, don’t overthink think it)

For example,

You have a website that has some backlinks. These links are coming from other websites that have more traffic, such blogs, forums or social media.

Let’s take Facebook as one of the platforms that a backlink from that website is connected to.

This link will allow the website to be visited by all the people that is on Facebook and that know that page (perhaps follow the page or friends of friends that do that) that is promoting the backlink.

Confused? Don’t be. Let me give you real life example.

Take Nike (Sports brand) as an example.

Look at their Facebook Page …

facebook page nike

Look where the about section is in the right down corner, what do you find?

This is one of the backlinks that Nike is using to get traffic organically (Free traffic) to their webpage.


Let’s look at someone else… How about a fashion company such Lacoste

facebook page lacoste


We have the same case.


Your homework is to actually start getting good quality backlinks from platforms such Facebook, or Twitter, or any social media and Forum + Blogs dedicated to your industry.


In short, put your website link (URL) in the platforms that have a lot of traffic already.



If you do the first strategy, that is great, but it is time to start sharing your profile to the public.

If you just put your website URL as indicated in the first Strategy, and you don’t run any traffic to them, you will be having an orphan backlink.

Orphan Backlinks: are basically those links that do get any traffic and they are in the middle of a messy digital world but nobody know of them or cares for them.

Your task for this 2nd strategy it to start getting people to like your profile / page / blogs / forums/content and making them aware that you have a website that they can visit at any time.

Be aware, you need to get the right people to follow you and to share your content, therefore make sure you make your ideal customers/clients/patients etc. know of your content.

Comment to people’s posts something that is engaging (like “I like your car” or “oh wow nice pic” whatever the case may be) and share your link and your page so they can become traffic to your webpage.

The more people you get to click your URL – backlinks, the more chances you are getting to get your website up in the 1st page on google.

share on facebook

You can do this with any platform, Facebook-Instagram-wordpress-blogger-web2.0-twitter-pinterest-wix-linkedIn-Tumblr-etc…


We are in a very messy loud world, and everything that people will care for is based in their needs hopes and desires.

What I mean with the above is that you need to post content targeting always what your ideal customers will like. The world for the companies to push a product and convince people to buy it is long gone.

If you notice, the population has everything at their tip of the fingers, we all can find information very fast and most of the times available for free or for a small cost.

So, by creating attractive content, your idea customers/clients won’t go to get the information that they are after anywhere else except from you (not to your competition)

Creating content that will be targeted to your ideal customers that can be shareable and likable, will increase the word-of-month and more people will start to follow you.

What is content?

Pictures, memes, videos, quotes, blogs, facts, anything that people can see in their social media platforms or their apps.

But what does this have to do with SEO?

The more content you post the better, (make sure is good quality) and by sharing this, you will be increasing the traffic of your platform that is linked to your website, therefore, your backlinks will be powerful and likable by Google as your content is ranked as good material, which is what Google wants.

The more relevant your content is with your backlinks the better it is for google to rank you in the 1st page.



When you share your content, make sure you put your URL somewhere in the caption/wording of the post or blog.


share content


Followers matter, so grow your profile page wherever you want to start.

If you want to start on Facebook, make sure you focus on that platform first. Does not matter that platforms, as long as your backlink is there and you are growing your following

The more eyes on you, the more chances are to get more customers.

Whoever tells you that following doesn’t matter, please stay away from this people as they may not have any understanding of the power that is found in the crowds.


That’s it, nothing complicated. SEO is just a matter of investing the time and doing the work.

There is a lot more to do than just this 5 strategies but this will make you so much more competitive in your industry than a lot of your competitors, plus you will be getting your business out of the unknown land.

If you have any questions, please send me a message, I’m happy to help.

And if you are wondering why should you believe me?

Because we are experts in this field. SEO, social media, Digital Advertising, email marketing, this is our bread and butter, this is our everyday.

We love what we do while having the joy of helping businesses to increase their customer lists and revenue.

If you are looking to boost your business and don’t know all of the tricks of digital marketing or you want to hand out the massive stress and work to someone, then send me a message via Facebook (page is Powerful Business Growth) or an email to .


Talk soon,

Jonathan Bonilla



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