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Who We Are

Powerful business growth is a marketing agency that specializes in leveraging the tools that the internet has to offer (Search engines, social media) increasing success and exposure for businesses in Australia. 'We believe that every business is unique and we help them grow spreading their culture to the masses'.

Our Story

We started from the passion that we have to help others. We saw that our beloved ones were having amazing projects but none of them were making enough impact to start up their companies or to find a continuous growth for their business.

After experimenting with various strategies, one day we realize that we love social media, and we are living in a world where everyone is using their mobile phone or in front of a screen, so we realize that we can use our love for social media to help our close ones to make an impact. As we started to help them, we saw an exponential growth in their business, so we decided to take a step further and help not only our close ones, but business that are urging to make an impact having great products and services to offer to their local areas and the world.

Meet the Team

We are a family that believe in the power of the word TEAM

Melody Montagnais

Co-Founder & Social Media Specialist 

Editor and copy specialist. 'Every word matters and I love to be able to take people on a journey that they will enjoy'.

Jonathan Bonilla

Co-Founder & Social Media Specialist 

Professional analyst and marketing consultant. 'I love to see the big smile after we hand in the results; helping business grow is a great reward to have'.

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We are more than happy to sit down with you and help you achieve the best strategies to generate leads, sales and profit as well as getting your phone lines busy with customers ready to buy.